Demeter milks

Quality through animal husbandry in a way that is natural to the species

Not all milk is the same - and Demeter milk has the most plus points. Feeding ruminants in a way that is natural to each species as well as having careful processing methods such as those in Demeter dairies are the best conditions for health-promoting milk quality.

No cows without horns – Demeter has the highest animal husbandry standards

The cows at Demeter operations have horns. They are not only good-looking, but they are also important for digestion and the metabolism. Animal husbandry in a way that is natural to each species has an effect on the composition of the cow's milk. It contains quite a lot of vitamin E and beta carotene. There is a high proportion of valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the fat. The taste of the milk is delicious and harmonious due to the proportion of herbs in the feed.

The only baby formula in Demeter quality

Holle uses only premium quality Demeter certified milk to make it's organic baby formula. What's so special about it? Demeter farmers raise their animals in a uniquely humane and caring environment. For example, they don't remove a cow's horns - a painful procedure for the animal. Horns are also involved in the cow's digestive process and retaining them helps to maintain the milk's quality as well as being kinder to the animal. The result: Demeter raised cows produce wholesome and tasty milk - the ideal basis for Holle organic milk formulas.
For more information about Demeter agriculture search online for your local biodynamic or Demeter organisation.

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