Demeter meat

Quality by respecting Nature

Animal husbandry plays a central role in bio-dynamic farming. Demeter is the only ecological agricultural organisation which prescribes animal husbandry as an obligatory activity, thus creating a consistent cycle.
Demeter is a trend-setter when it comes to keeping animals in a way which is appropriate to their needs. Demeter cows, for example, have horns, sparing them from the painful de-horning procedure. Demeter farmers are firmly convinced that the integrity and physical inviolability of all forms of life is key to the positive development of farms as holistic organisms.

Criteria for Demeter animal husbandry

  • Animals must be kept in a manner appropriate to their needs, with plenty of space and outdoor exercise
  • Animal welfare by respecting animals as complete entities - thus no de-horning or clipping of beaks
  • 100 % organic feed, the majority of which must be grown on the farm
  • Priority given to natural healing processes when animals become ill
  • Processing which preserves quality