Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from 5 months
250 g
250 ml

Holle olive oil in best Demeter quality is a valuable supplement for baby food when you start weaning your child. It contains valuable monounsaturated fatty acids and is a good source of energy. Can be added to vegetable and fruit meals or to baby jars.

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  • gluten free
  • egg free
  • lactose and milk free
  • unsweetened

100% extra virgin olive oil*

*Demeter (From biodynamic farming)

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:

Recommended dosage for approx. 200g meal/porridge:
Vegetable/vegetable-potato/ vegetable- potato-meat: 2 teaspoons oil.
Fruit/fruit-cereal: 1 teaspoon oil.


Holle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains absolutely no residues. This can be guaranteed thanks to biodynamic production and strict monitoring of pollutants. This means that the use of cold-pressed, unrefined oils for the preparation of baby food is completely safe and can be unreservedly recommended. Thanks to the cold pressing process the oil retains more vitamins, natural colour and its authentic taste.

Please note:

Our tip: Holle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is suitable for the whole family. It can also be used to fry food.