Joining family meals

Beginning with family meals

The time has now arrived. From 12 months of age and onwards you can gradually switch over to feeding your baby the same meals as the rest of the family. Most babies already have some teeth and, in addition to milk-based and porridge meals, will be able to join in with normal family meals. To begin with please, however, make sure that food is easily digestible: anything causing wind or which is very fatty or spicy should be avoided. This should not be a problem if you put aside a small portion for your child before the meal.

During the gradual transition to family meals morning and evening porridge meals can be halved. You could offer your baby a slice of bread and butter accompanied by fruit or vegetables. Porridge meals can later be discontinued completely. Lunch should consist of vegetables and potatoes/rice/pasta. Meat and fish are optional. This will gradually introduce your child to family meals and help him/her learn to feed him/herself.