Reliance project

Using green waste to make compost in South Africa

The compost project in South Africa was set up in April 2008 as a joint venture between Soil & More International and Reliance Compost (Pty) Ltd under the name Soil & More Reliance.

Reliance’s concept is simple – Every day Cape Town generates up to 800 tonnes of green waste, which households, gardeners and municipal authorities in the Cape Town area can deliver to 13 waste collection facilities. In cooperation with small-scale entrepreneurs, most of whom originate from the “Black Economic Empowerment” programme, Reliance operates large scale green waste shredders at these facilities to minimize green waste volume and in turn reducing the amount of transport needed to the central composting facility. The green waste is processed into compost at the central composting facility using approved and monitored micro-biological composting methods in line with emission reduction standards. Even before Reliance began processing Cape Town’s green waste on a large scale it had been processing agricultural waste since the late 1990’s. Later the company received its first commission from the city’s administrative authorities to start composting municipal green waste. Prior to this, almost 100% of the over 30 000 tonnes of green waste generated each month had been disposed of at the city’s large landfill sites. Since the Reliance project started in 2008 over 10 million cubic metres of green waste have been recycled into high quality potting soil at the composting facilities, thus reducing CO2e emissions by almost half a million tonnes.


Reliance focuses on the biological greening of the city with all its attendant problems. The company’s target groups are city residents, consumers, parents and children and schoolchildren. A particular concern is to increase the sensibility of the younger generation for issues such as soil, organic farming and compost.

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